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I started this blog intending to write only about children's fantasy ('magic fiction') but have since widened my scope to include any work of children's fiction that I have read and enjoyed. Fantasy will still probably predominate, as it remains a favourite genre, but I cannot now resist sharing thoughts on other wonderful books too. (MG and occasionally YA.)

Here you will find only recommendations, never negative reviews. If I read a book which I feel is less than wonderful (which happens far more often than not) then I simply don't write about it. This blog is, rather, a celebration of the most exciting books I stumble across on my meandering reading journey, and of the important, life-affirming experiences they offer. It is but a very small thank you for the wonderful gifts their writers give.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fantasy gem now out in U.S

This funny, scary, brilliantly written and hugely entertaining MG fantasy is now out in the U. S. and transatlantic readers should NOT miss it. See the my full review on this blog, posted May '16. 
It is also great to have a fine hardback edition of a book I feel sure is destined to become a children's fantasy classic.